Cement and mineral processing

Mineral processing Complex processing

Cement plants, like other mineral processing plants, face the tough conditions that come with crushing, conveying, vibrating and grinding applications.

Cement plants must also contend with the extreme heat of rotary kilns and coolers. Maintaining a range of auxiliary fans, compressors and pumps is also key. High energy costs and increased environmental regulations present further challenges to productivity. 


Mineral processing Tough equipment and budget challenges

For producers of aggregates, coal, metal ores and industrial minerals, keeping productivity high and costs low really is the bottom line.

Reliability and safety are critical to achieving uptime and plant profitability. Equipment must be well maintained and able to cope with the harshest operating conditions. 



Primary crushing

  • Jaw crusher

  • Holler press

  • Cone crusher

  • Vibrating crusher

Raw material grinding

  • Vertical mill

  • Ball crusher

Cliker production/burning

  • Rotary kiln

  • Crusher

  • Coal mill

Cement mill

  • Roller press

  • Vertical mill 

  • Ball crusher

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Mineral production equipment

1582272821671467.jpg     ◢ Vibrating screens

      Frequent component failures don't have to be a cost of doing business



     Heavy loads, shock loads and overloads


      Horizontal grinding mills

     Several paths to failures for pinions and tru nnions

1582274539576970.jpg       Flotation cells

     Solutions that stand up to the most corrosive mixes

      Handle the high temperatures and heavy loads

1582274181115282.jpg      ◢ Pelletizing mills

     Handle the high temperatures and heavy loads

Cement making equipment



     The world's biggest rotating equipment structures 

      roll with the biggest challenges

1582275103425670.jpg      Clinker coolers

     Extreme heat and dust levels meet low speeds and

     high loads


     ◢ Roller presses

     Bearing arrangement selection is key to improving 

     roller press reliability


     ◢ Vertical grinding mills

     High-risk areas include the tyre assembly and

     dynamic separator


     ◢ Bucket elevators

     Keep them moving longer for less


     ◢ Cement mills

     A rough mix of conditions for pinions or trunnions