Extreme conditions, intense competition

Few industries can match the extreme operating conditions in steel and other metal mills. Temperature and speed extremes. High and constant shock loads. Abrasive dust, aggressive chemicals and high humidity. Combined, these conditions degrade equipment, cause unplanned downtime and make effective maintenance difficult at best.

Today's mills also face equally intense global competition and environmental scrutiny. Bottom line? The need to increase productivity, profitability and sustainability has never been greater. 

In the steel industry, bearings can be found in a vast range of plant and equipment that is used in both upstream and downstream processes: from the storage yard for raw materials to the steelmaking, rolling and refining processes. All kinds of bearings are used in this plant and equipment.The operational environment for these bearings is unique to steelmaking, comprising steel dust, water and heat. In addition, the bearings may have to cope with heavy loads and vibration shock, operational speeds ranging from extremely slow through to high, coupled with rapid acceleration and deceleration. This makes for a demanding operational environment that is not found in other applications.

“WSW aims to make a positive contribution to improving operational stability and productivity. These are issues crucial to the steel industry, which is representative of the industry which manufactures production equipment. WSW achieves this aim by the application of high-level bearing design technologies ongoing planning, development and R & D from many different perspectives, including bearing technologies of materials, lubrication, and analysis.

Over many years, this has led to the implementation of strategies for attaining the company's fundamental goal: producing bearings with a long operating life and high reliability. WSW offers a comprehensive lineup of bearings for the steel industry, from standard bearings meeting ISO standards through to its own independently developed, high-capacity specialized bearings.

WSW is now also responding to the need for high added-value products and an environmentally friendly approach in the steel industry.

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