There is a strong need for continuous development and innovation in gearbox designs. WSW can help you to:

· Reduce friction 

Future success in transmission design and operation depends on your ability to deliver energy-efficient products and solutions to customers. To do so, means selecting a supplier who shares your commitment to, amongst other things, friction reduction. Lower friction means lower running temperatures, less ageing of the lubricant and therefore the possibility of higher speed ratings and torque. By combining our engineering knowledge in bearings, seals and lubrication we can help you with low friction design, downsizing, speed rating, material selection and lubrication.

· Reduce total cost 

As in most businesses, reducing total cost is a primary concern. For your customers acquisition cost is an issue but operating cost per kilometer is even more important. SKF offers products that provide quick returns through longer service life, less need for maintenance and extended service intervals. Our technical competence enables us to downsize bearings and provide weight reduction. This reduces cost and increases power/torque through transmissions while maintaining the same dimensions.