Mud Pump

Test of speed and hardness

Our company is one of the large-scale manufacturers specializing in the production of mud pumps in China. Patents. Three of them have reached the international advanced level, and many have reached the domestic leading level. The product has stood the test of time and is well recognized by users.

Mud pump is the main component of mud circulation system. It is driven by diesel engine, natural gas engine or electric motor. It can transport high pressure liquid with pressure up to 35Mpa (5000PSI) with a large displacement. . Power range: 350HP-2200HP.


RL3NB Series:RL3NB-350,RL3NB-500,RL3NB-600,RL3NB-800,RL3NB-1000,RL3NB-1300,RL3NB-1600,RL3NB-2200;

F Series:F-500, F-800,F-1000,F-1300,F-1600,RLF-2200;

PZ Series:PZ-7, PZ-8, PZ-9, PZ-10, PZ-11;