Cars and heavy trucks

Do you want to improve your reliability, sustainability and profitability?

WSW wheel end can provide 1 million kilometers and longer service life!

As fuel costs, road tolls, drivers and skilled technicians rise in wages, fleet owners know that to stay profitable, they need to find ways to improve efficiency in all areas of operations. Fleet operators need to extend fleet uptime and reduce total operating costs (TCO), which is both a challenge and an opportunity for manufacturers of trucks, trailers and buses. 

By helping car owners and operators solve critical issues such as reliability, efficiency and safety issues, manufacturers can establish market leadership and win customer loyalty and success. 

Understandably, as manufacturers help fleets cope with tight delivery schedules, reduce maintenance costs, avoid loss of profits due to unexpected failures, and risk losing customers, the fleet will choose the suppliers they like. 

As manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers address the pressing challenges of competitive industries, the ability to leverage trusted technology partner resources will become increasingly important.