What is a Speed Reducer in WSW? ---- A Brief Introduction of Speed Reducer

To remain competitive in today's market, WSW needs to increase the value of the speed reducer.

 speed reducer, 

WSW speed reducers are fairly common pieces of machinery. A speed reducer is a gear train between the motor and the machinery that is used to reduce the speed with which power is transmitted. Speed reducers accomplish the desired speed shift when the motor sends power to the reducer’s input shaft, where it then converts said power into a lower output speed, so that the reducer can transfer it to the connected load through the output shaft. 

 speed reducer, 

Speed reducers, also called gear reducers. In WSW, gear reducers essential use is to duplicate the measure of torque produced by an information power source to expand the measure of usable work.


While WSW speed reducers are utilized by a several industries, the most common industries in which they have applications are aerospace, automotive, material handling, construction, food and beverage processing, recreation, oil and gas, and textiles. Specific applications they serve include conveyors, pumps, printing presses, compressors, automation equipment, generators and robotics, metallurgy, and mine and construction machinery.


Speed reducers have any number of different features in WSW, but by and large, they feature an input shaft, an output shaft, gears, gearboxes, and a gear motor.


Customers use speed reducers for many reasons. As reduction ratios continue to reach new heights and designs become more complex, WSW is meeting new goals and creating greater power capacities.


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